The Langscape Journal - Call for Contributions to Vol. 6 open until Jan, 12th, 2023

Gespeichert von Stephan Breidbach am Mo., 05.12.2022 - 16:48
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The editors of Language Education and Multilingualism - The Langscape Journal (LEM) invite proposals for contributions to the upcoming volume of LEM (Vol. 6, 2023) on the topic of

Plurilingualism and language policies in tertiary/higher education and research in Europe and beyond.

This volume will explore practices, discourses and mind-sets within a field structured likewise by multi-/plurilingualism and tendencies towards linguistic mainstreaming of English in the academia. The new volume of LEM will publish research concerning topics focusing tertiary or higher education contexts in Europe and worldwide such as:

  • Research of lingua francae
  • Plurilingual education programmes: state of the art, historical analysis, perspectives in tertiary/higher education
  • Transnational institutions charged of analysing tertiary/higher education, their functions, their scope and educational policies
  • Language ideologies in tertiary/higher education
  • Plurilingual research practices in research teams
  • The dominance of publications in English (or not)
  • Epistemological implications of multilingual research contexts
  • Language learning and language learning provisions in tertiary/higher education
  • The role of minority languages in tertiary/higher education and research
  • Government and institutional policies regarding language uses in tertiary/higher education and research

Proposals for contributions should address one or several of the above areas. Proposals of 1.5 to 2 pages should be sent no later than January 12th, 2023.

Please refer to the multilingual Call for Proposals available from the Langscape Website or Langscape Blog for a more detailled description of Vol. 6 and information about how to submit and an estimated timeline.