Annotated bibliography

One of ENROPE’s central aims is to legitimate and validate multilingualism as an academic practice. Our annotated bibliography has the purpose of making visible literature in different languages that is related to the field of plurilingualism and education.

This is an interdisciplinary multilingual bibliography, which includes articles in different languages and makes these accessible to a wider audience. We encourage academics to include references in different languages in their literature reviews. Leave a message for the annotator if you have any questions about the article.

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Authors Year Title in English Title in the original language Language
Eibensteiner, L., Koch, C. 2018 The use of past tense in Spanish as a foreign language: A comparison of Austrian pupils with Romance polyglots El uso de los tiempos del pasado en español como lengua extranjera: Una comparación de aprendientes escolares austriacos con políglotas románicos Spanish
Busch, B. 2013 Multilingualism Mehrsprachigkeit German
Meier, G. 2012 Two-way integration through bilingual education? Results from Berlin State Europe School (SESB) Zweiwegintegration durch zweisprachige Bildung? Ergebnisse aus der Staatlichen Europa-Schule Berlin German