Intensive Study Week #2

Dear all,

We've arrived at our last day of ISW#2 and the ENROPE team is looking forward to your final presentations this afternoon.

A few important things that we'd like to remind you of:

As the keynote speeches and final presentations on Friday afternoon will be video-recorded (and as screenshots may be made in all sessions during the week), it’s important that you sign our Video/Screenshot Release Form at the very start of ISW#2.

Also, please take part in our Participant Online Evaluation, if possible, today (Fri Nov 27th).

If you would like to make suggestions for future collaboration among ISW#2 participants, please use this discussion board to post your ideas.

Keep working on your e-portfolio throughout the week. In case you have difficulties handling it, please take a look at the E-Portfolio User Manual, which is now available online.

Most importantly, make yourselves comfortable behind your screens, follow what’s being presented, and get engaged as much as you can by sharing your views, knowledge, languages, questions. This will help to make ISW#2 an enriching experience for all of us.

Thank you very much!

Katrin (for the ENROPE coordinating team)