Online Study Phase #1

Welcome to ENROPE’s first online study phase! Here, you will find several tasks that help you shape your portfolio and to engage with fellow researchers on pluri-/multilingualism and education. The tasks will address the Intensive Study Programme in Berlin (ISP1) and expand on the experiences we made, the discussions we had and the work we started. If you have not had the chance to attend ISP1, do not worry as you will get the chance to discover many of the issues ENROPE addressed in Berlin right here. You will also have the opportunity to prepare for the second Intensive Study Programme which will take place in summer 2020 in Paris. The online study phase will end on Nov. 30th; however, you will be able to access the content provided after this date still. 

Mainly, the online study phase will help you expand your online portfolio on this website. The ENROPE E-portfolio comprises 3 parts: 1. Autobiography Part incorporates your previous and ongoing experience as language teachers/researchers. 2. Competencies Part encourages you to engage in various activities such as collaborative work, self-assessment and peer/expert feedback 3. Showcase Part allows you to display your collection of academic products (i.e. presentations, posters, abstracts, CVs) to a wider community of professionals.

To advance our collaboration, Humboldt-University in Berlin and Goethe-University in Frankfurt have furthermore opened their colloquia sessions for members of ENROPE. If you want to present your project there and receive feedback, please contact info@enrope.eu

If you have any questions, if you experience any difficulties, if you want to make a suggestion, or if you want to talk to us for any other reason, please feel free to email us. 

We are curious to learn about you and your research in the context of ENROPE and beyond in the following weeks!



Where do I find the tasks? 

Please go to the "tasks" section in the drop-down menu of this group. 

Where do I find our schedule? And deadlines?

You will find the schedule of the online study programme if you go to "files" in the drop-down menu. 

Where can I comment and where can I leave a message?

If you experience any technical difficulties, please use the feedback-button on the left. If you want to leave a comment for other members of this group, please leave it on our "discussion board" which you will find in the drop-down menu. 

How can I see what the others are doing?

You will be able to access the portfolio of the other group members if you go to "e-Portfolio" --> "all e-Portfolios". Others will only be able to see the content you uploaded if you set it to 'public'. 

How can I start my own e-portfolio? 

Please follow the form and instructions on the Create e-Portfolio page (https://enrope.eu/node/add/e_portfolio).

This video explains the different steps in portfolio creation and how to link tasks to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLz-lLcElIM

Where do I find ENROPE's annotated bibliography?

You can access the annotated bibliography here: https://enrope.eu/annotated-bibliography or follow "The Project" --> "Annotated Bibliography".



--- Dear ENROPE members ---

Please note that due to a general strike in Paris starting on December 5, we will have to reschedule the ENROPE Multiplier Event. The congress to which the Multiplier Event was originally linked will probably be postponed to the beginning of March and the Multiplier Event will be most likely postponed to this date, too. We will keep you updated via our website, via email and via ENROPE's social media channels. Thank you for your understanding!