Language policies: Possibilities, Limits and Actions

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Bastardas Boada, Albert
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Polítiques lingüístiques: possibilitats, límits i accions
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This is a very interesting book chapter which addresses the fact that being a "plurilingual state" does not mean that the speakers of the minoritized language, that is Catalan, ought to resort to Spanish whenever the other individual does not speak Catalan since this is not the case otherwise. Therefore, Bastardas puts forward the idea that bilingualism is not bi-directional in the Catalan context.
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Bastardas, A. (2020). Polítiques lingüístiques: possibilitats, límits i accions . En Llengua i dialectes: esperances per al català, el gallec i el basc. . (pp. 13 - 23) . Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona . ISBN: 978-84-9168-407-7 .