Annotated bibliography

Language can pose a barrier to the transfer of knowledge as publications in languages other than English are often overlooked. This can cause biases in our understanding of the world.

The ENROPE Annotated Bibliography is a multilingual and open-access directory of references. It comprises bibliographic details, abstracts and annotations of non-English publications that are relevant to the field of plurilingualism in education and related topics.

Do you know any relevant articles in languages other than English? If yes, please help us grow the ENROPE Annotated Bibliography.

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Authors Year Title in English Title in the original language Language
Hoshan, A.M. 2010 Problems of Translating English Proverbs into Modern Standard Arabic مشكلات ترجمة الامثال الانكليزية الى اللغة العربية الفصحى Arabic
Hoshan, A., Sadkhan, R. 2019 Evidentiality in Modern Standard Arabic: A Linguistic Investigation Evidentiality in Modern Standard Arabic: A Linguistic Investigation Inglise keel
Bastardas Boada, Albert 2013 Language policies: Possibilities, Limits and Actions Polítiques lingüístiques: possibilitats, límits i accions Catalan
Bergmann A., Malenkova M., Pechnikova V., Sherstyuk A. 2017 Principles of selecting texts for lesson of Russian as a foreign language: modeling and developing a dynamic resource to help future teachers Принципы отбора текстов на уроке РКИ: моделирование и разработка динамичного ресурса в помощь будущему учителю Russian
Karasu, G. , Sarı, E-Y. E. 2019 Distance learning and learner autonomy in foreign language learning Uzaktan Eğitim ve Yabancı Dil Öğrenme Özerkliği1 Turkish
Campos, I.O. 2013 Learning about linguistic attitudes of primary education undergraduate students on the Huesca and Zaragoza campuses (pilot study) Un acercamiento a las actitudes lingüísticas del alumnado del grado en maestro de Educación Primaria de los campus de Huesca y Zaragoza (estudio piloto) Hispaania keel
Campos, I.O. 2015 The NICT in the minority language preservance. A participatiry – action research in education Las NTIC en la conservación de las lenguas minoritarias. Una investigación-acción en el ámbito educativo Hispaania keel
Campos, I.O. 2015 More than a Century of ‘Linguicide’ in the Classroom: An Approach to the Case of Aragonese Más de un siglo de lingüicidio en las aulasAproximación al caso del aragonés. Hispaania keel
Campos, I.O. 2015 Attitudes towards Catalan of future Aragonese primary education teachers Actitudes hacia el catalán del futuro profesorado aragonés de Educación Primaria Hispaania keel
Campos, I.O. 2015 Aragonese language ‘keepers’? The teaching of Aragonese implemented since 1997: current situation and prospects ¿Garantes de la salvaguarda del aragonés?Situación y resultados de la enseñanza del aragonés implementada desde 1997 Hispaania keel