Roundtable Organised by SIG 3 (Language Teacher Development) - A Short Report

Ingediend door Katrin Schultze op di, 10/25/2022 - 16:31

On October 24, six members of our Special Interest Group 3 (Language Teacher Development) met for an online roundtable discussion focusing on methodologies in plurilingual studies and the challenges researchers might face while exploring plurilingual teaching in terms of teacher development.

There was a lively exchange on topics such as:

  • How to analyze data gained from comparative qualitative studies
  • The challenges of getting a detailed picture of the context and the role of school policy.
  • The importance of conducting research in university contexts on future language teachers and plurilingual research on teachers with migration backgrounds.
  • The four-phase collaborative cycle phase (Maria Gonzalez Davies & David Soler, 2020), which stresses the importance of teachers becoming aware of where they are and reflecting on their own beliefs about plurilingualism in order to put it into practice.
  • How to create authentic conditions for teachers to experience the actual use of plurilingualism (sociolinguistic projects such as linguistic landscape research, digital world, computer-mediated communication etc.) 

Anyone interested in continuing and deepening the discussion, please join our next SIG meeting during the LANGSCAPE & ENROPE Online colloquium on December 16. See you then!