Multiplier Event #1 in Tallinn

Ingediend door Priit Tammets op vr, 01/31/2020 - 13:29


Workshop: Towards Plurilingual Professional Identities in Higher Education Teacher Training

ENROPE’s first Multiplier Event entitled “Towards Plurilingual Professional Identities in Higher Education Teacher Training” took place at Tallinn University on 24th January 2020. 

The Multiplier Event was organised as a workshop including a round table session. The focus of the event was Intellectual Output 1, i.e. the Online Platform developed for linking and educating junior researchers working in the field of plurilingualism and foreign language education and for supporting them in their professional identity development. 

The event started with an introductory presentation of the ENROPE project in order to give the participants an overview of the project’s main objectives. The workshop consisted of several topics, including the functionalities of ENROPE’s annotated bibliography and E-Portfolio (Intellectual Output 2). Also, the status quo of the Qualification Handbook (IO 3) was briefly presented.  

The round table focused on issues of multilingualism and foreign language learning or teaching. First, there was a staged discussion among the round table members, which was followed by an exchange with the audience. The dominant role of English in scientific discourse as well as local phenomena of plurilingualism in Estonia and other countries were discussed. The round table session proved to be extremely engaging for all participants in the event.