Social and interculutral benefits through bilingual education: An examination of State Europe School Berlin

Submitted by Gabriela Meier on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 13:33
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Meier, G.
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Soziale und interkulturelle Vorteile durch zweisprachigen Unterricht? Eine Untersuchung in der Staatlichen Europa-Schule Berlin
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This executive summary contains the recommendations for parents, policy makers, two-way immersion schools in Berlin, and schools in linguistically diverse contexts more widely.
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This is an executive summary report related to Meier's PhD research (published in English in 2012). This contains recommendations specifically for parents and policy makers associated with SESB (a two-way immersion model in Berlin). This was produced by Gabriela Meier, who now works as a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter. This document may be somewhat dated by now, as many things have chanaged in SESB since 2010.
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