The ENROPE experience continues ....

Submitted by Regine Schlößer on Thu, 02/10/2022 - 12:20

On February 8, 2022 the ENROPE project team organised its first online event after the official running time of the project and it was a great success! 

35 ENROPErs came together to catch up and to brainstorm ideas for the future during a session of special interest workshops. The results of the special interest workshops will be now reviewed by the ENROPE Consortium and Langscape and we will, of course, keep you updated here. 

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their great input and the positive energy during the meeting! 

By the way, if you aren't part of ENROPE yet, but you would like to receive our update news email, you can always send a short text to info@enrope.eu to subscribe! We are looking forward to hearing from you!