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On 10th and 11th September 2018 representatives of all project partners came together at Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M. for an intensive exchange of ideas relating to ENROPE`s project development: the ENROPE kick-off meeting. The two-day agenda focused on objectives, content, timelines, priorities, and technical matters; the approach itself focused on communicative and collaborative outcome-oriented activities. Being the first of its kind, the meeting started with all partners introducing themselves and their perceived (and self-perceived) function in the project, including particulars characterizing their individual institutions and their particular expertise which they will bring to the project.


The conference provided ample time and an open platform for a brainstorming event on how best to generate, structure and implement the upcoming first Intensive Study Week (June 17-21, 2019). It was agreed upon that close attention needs to be paid to assuring diversity and heterogeneity of younger scholar participants. Respondent to ENROPE`s overall objective (“combine formal qualification and opportunities for personal growth for junior researchers”) the partners discussed and concluded upon the elements of a qualification profile, on the application procedure and on selection details.



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19 delegates from all nine partner universities met at the University of Exeter (21-22 March 2019) to update one another on progress made regarding our work-packages all related to supporting current and future early-career researchers in the field of plurilingualism and education. Together with PhD students we discussed ideas for the Intensive Study Week that will take place in Berlin (17-21 June 2019), and we talked about next steps.

Besides the meeting, there were a number of fringe events, such as LEN lounge (a series of short talks with the aim to share what research we are working on), as well as a visit to Streatham Campus and visits to various pubs and restaurants in Exeter, where our lively discussions continued.

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