LANGSCAPE & ENROPE Colloquium - Registration link online

Submitted by Regine Schlößer on Wed, 06/01/2022 - 08:17

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 17, 2022 at 13h for the first LANGSCAPE & ENROPE Colloquium! Please register here for a 3-hour programme including presentations of on-going research and teaching projects related to plurilingualism and education. Moreover, there will be an intensive Special Interest Group work phase to exchange ideas and devolop further plans and activities:


Preliminary schedule for Friday, June 17,2022

  • 13:00h: Welcome
    • News from the network
    • Presentation of the Langscape/ENROPE Colloquium format
  • 13:15h: Plenary presentation + discussion
    • Maria Gonzales Davies: "The Integrated Plurilingual Approach (IPA): Taking research to the classrooms"
  • 14:00h: PhD presentation + discussion
    • Tian Yan: "Between Monolingual Policy and Multilingual Reality in South China: English Learners’ and Teachers’ Perceptions and Experience of Language Awareness, Translation and Translanguaging"
  • 14:30h: Break
  • 14:40h: SIG meetings (breakout groups)
    • 1) Research methodology and ethics
    • 2) Language policies
    • 3) Language teacher development
  • 15:30h: Presentation of SIG meeting results
  • 15:45h: Wrap-up and good bye until Sept. 16