Annotated bibliography

One of ENROPE’s central aims is to legitimate and validate multilingualism as an academic practice. Our annotated bibliography has the purpose of making visible literature in different languages that is related to the field of plurilingualism and education.

This is an interdisciplinary multilingual bibliography, which includes articles in different languages and makes these accessible to a wider audience. We encourage academics to include references in different languages in their literature reviews. Leave a message for the annotator if you have any questions about the article.

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Authors Year Title in English Title in the original language Language
Jakisch, J. 2014 Teacher Perspectives on TEFL and Multilingualism Lehrerperspektiven auf Englischunterricht und Mehrsprachigkeit German
Shima Ghahari 2013 The Effect of English Language on Cultural Identity: A Comparative Study of Cultural Intelligence and Value Isolation تأثیر رشتة زبان انگلیسی بر هویت فرهنگی: بررسی مقایسه‌ای هوش فرهنگی و انزوای ارزشی Farsi
Daniela Elsner 2010 „I have something that you don’t…” Or: Which added value does multilingualism provide for foreign language Learning? "Ich habe was, das du nicht hast…" Oder: Welchen Mehrwert hat die Mehrsprachigkeit für das Fremdsprachenlernen? German
Hu, A. 2011 Migration-based multilingualism in the foreign language classroom: Research, language policies and teacher training Migrationsbedingte Mehrsprachigkeit und schulischer Fremdsprachenunterricht: Forschung, Sprachenpolitik, Lehrerbildung German
Castellotti, V., Candelier, M. 2013 Didactics of plurilingualism(s) Didactique(s) du (des) plurilinguisme(s) French
Hesse-Biber, S., Rodriguez, D., Frost, N., A. 2015 A Qualitatively Driven Approach to Multimethod and Mixed Methods Research A Qualitatively Driven Approach to Multimethod and Mixed Methods Research English
Miguel Figueroa Saavedra, Daniela Alarcón Fuentes, Daisy Bernal Lorenzo, José Álvaro Hernández Martínez 2014 The incorporation of national indigenous languages into the academic development of universities: The experience of the Universidad Veracruzana La incorporación de las lenguas indígenas nacionales al desarrollo académico universitario: la experiencia de la Universidad Veracruzana Spanish
Çiçek, C. 2013 Why is a language banned? Language policies and the situation of Kurdish in Turkey Zimanek Çima Tê Qedexekirin?Polîtîkayên Zimanî û Rewşa Kurdî li Tirkiyeyê Ji Înkarê Ber bi Nasînê Kurmanji
Juillard, Caroline 2007 Plurilingualism, object of descriptive sociolinguistics Le plurilinguisme, objet de la sociolinguistique French