Online study phase #2

Welcome to online study phase#2 (OSP#2)

Purpose: OSP#2 is designed to create and consolidate contacts between researchers who share aspects and challenges related to their research. Doing research in a specialised field is often a lonely journey. A research community can offer support, motivation, productive discussion, potential for collaboration, etc. OSP#2 aims to link existing with new ENROPE members at different stages of their careers. Print and display poster in your institution.

Participation requires active online involvement. There is a timetable, which indicates when tasks are ready, but you can contribute in your own time and as much as you are able to. To participate please register by 3 March (see below).

Expected outcomes

At the end of the online study phase OSP#2 participants will have:
• introduced themselves via their ENROPE profiles
• identified some potential network partners
• identified and discussed research challenges with colleagues
• reflected on the impact of networking on their research practice
• reflected on potential opportunities for future collaboration
• created a record of new contacts and ideas for collaboration

Register by 3 March

Register https://enrope.eu/user/register
• Log in and create/update your profile https://enrope.eu/user/login
• Join OSP#2 group https://enrope.eu/groups
• For questions contact: info@enrope.eu

Time table for OSP#2

Task 1. Registration for OSP#2 Register by 3.3.2020
Task 2. Identify research peers and research challenges - Starts: 4.3.2020
Task 3. Discuss challenges and develop community of practice - Starts: 17.3.2020
Task 4. Keeping track of your network and ideas for collaboration - Starts: 21.4.2020