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Could you tell me what ENROPE is about in one sentence?

ENROPE is an international, cooperative project aiming to develop a wide, diverse, and sustainable network of institutions and individuals engaged in issues of plurilingualism and education.


Who is behind this project?

The ENROPE consortium consists of nine partner institutions from seven European countries. This choice of project partners was guided by the intention to establish a diverse and mutually beneficial community of practice, focusing on plurilingualism and education and incorporating researchers and educators with a wide range of backgrounds regarding languages, research cultures, institutional settings, geographical positions, and sociopolitical contexts. Most of these institutions already had entertained close links before the start of the project, for example in the LANGSCAPE communityThe ENROPE network currently includes 14 institutions from ten countries (incl. non-European countries) as associated partners, representing a vast array of linguistic and sociocultural contexts.


Is it a project for me? 

If you are

  • a junior researcher (including teachers as researchers) in the field of plurilingualism and education, working on your master’s or doctorate degree or on your first research project as a professional, or
  • an educator of these junior researchers, e.g. PhD supervisor or teacher trainer, or
  • a policy-maker incl. curriculum designers (e.g. for structured PhD programmes or teacher training courses,

then yes, this is an interesting project for you!


What is in it for me?

We will show you the benefits and challenges of cross-border, cross-cultural and cross-linguistic collaboration:

  • you become part of an international network of researchers;
  • you can discuss your own research with peers from across Europe and beyond;
  • you will be in the front row of an innovative curriculum development project;
  • and… you can sustain your new contacts for further exchange and collaboration.


ENROPE meeting Exeter - 2019

How can I join the ENROPE community?

You can join ENROPE by creating your own personal E-portfolio on this website and start expanding your research horizon immediately. Follow the ENROPE project on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to keep an eye open for the announcements about the Online Study Phases and the Intensive Study Programmes: it is always recommendable to apply as soon as possible.


How can I apply for the Online Study Phases and the Intensive Study Programmes?

The Call for Applications for the Online Study Phases and the Intensive Study Programmes are published on our website and social media channels, and disseminated through the communication channels of our consortium partners and associated partners. Please follow the instructions in the Call. 


Does it cost me anything to join ENROPE?

No, it doesn’t cost you anything to join the ENROPE community online. Creating your own E-portfolio, joining the discussions or participating in the Online Study Phases or the Intensive Study Weeks are completely free of charge. 

For travel and accommodation expenses when joining an Intensive Study Week on location, scholarships are available for a limited number of applicants from the nine ENROPE partner institutions, irrespective of nationality. For details, please talk to your local ENROPE representative. 


Are ENROPE events affected by the Corona crisis?

Yes, due to the Corona virus situation ENROPE decided to transform Intensive Study Week #2 and #3 into online/blended learning events. The new online-formats will provide early career researchers with:

  • lots of room to present, discuss and improve their own projects;
  • an activity-based approach offering interesting tasks for participants at various levels/stages of their MA/PhD/Postdoc projects; and
  • a good mix of synchronous and asynchronous group and individual work throughout the weeks.

Keep an eye on this website or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date. 

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