Annotated bibliography

One of ENROPE’s central aims is to legitimate and validate multilingualism as an academic practice. Our annotated bibliography has the purpose of making visible literature in different languages that is related to the field of plurilingualism and education.

This is an interdisciplinary multilingual bibliography, which includes articles in different languages and makes these accessible to a wider audience. We encourage academics to include references in different languages in their literature reviews. Leave a message for the annotator if you have any questions about the article.

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Authors Year Title in English Title in the original language Language
Campos, I.O. 2019 ‘I don’t remember being told anything about linguistic plurality in school’. A qualitative study on attitudes towards the minoritized language of teacher education students in Alto Aragón ‘No recuerdo que en el colegio me hablaran sobre pluralidad lingüística’. Un estudio cualitativo sobre las actitudes hacia la lengua minorizada de los maestros altoaragoneses en formación Spanish
Campos, I.O. 2019 Keys in the minoritised language teaching. An approach to the case of Aragonese language Claves en la enseñanza de la lengua minorizada. Acercamiento al caso del aragonés Spanish
Campos, I.O., Tabernero, R. 2020 Exploring the opportunities for the minoritized language in the school. A quantitative research on attitudes towards Aragonese language Explorando las oportunidades de la lengua minorizada en la escuela. Una investigación cuantitativa sobre actitudes hacia el aragonés Spanish
Hufeisen, B. 2010 Theoretical foundation of multiple language learning - factor model / model of factors 2.0 Theoretische Fundierung multiplen Sprachenlernens – Faktorenmodell 2.0 German
Meier, G. 2012 Bilingual education and school improvement: Conclusions from Wix Primary School / École de Wix Enseignement bilingue et l’amélioration des performances scolaires : les conclusions de l’expérience Wix Primary School / École de Wix à Londres French
Meier, G. 2010 Social and interculutral benefits through bilingual education: An examination of State Europe School Berlin Soziale und interkulturelle Vorteile durch zweisprachigen Unterricht? Eine Untersuchung in der Staatlichen Europa-Schule Berlin German
Aamotsbakken, B., Matthes, E., Schütze, S. 2017 Heterogeneity and digital media for education Heterogenität und Bildungsmedien German
Calvet, Louis-Jean 1974 Linguistics and Colonialism: little treatise on glottophagy Linguistique et Colonialisme: petit traité de glottophagie French
Litvonov, A., Ivolina, T. 2013 Metacognition: Concept, structure, association with intellect and cognitive processes Метакогниция: Понятие, структура, связь с интеллектуальными и когнитивными способностями (по материалам зарубежных исследований) Russian
Asbrand, B., Martens, M. 2018 Documentary Classroom Research Dokumentarische Unterrichtsforschung German