ISW#1 - Berlin

June 17 - 21, 2019

at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Group photo of the ENROPE ISW#1 participants and team

The ENROPE project’s first Intensive Study Week (ISW#1) took place at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin from 17th to 21st June 2019. During their time with us, our diverse group of 40 multilingual participants, all of them involved in research on multilingualism and education on different levels, had the opportunity to take part in various activities such as school visits, team building sessions, and group activities. They discussed their research, connecting to each other about methodology, theory, and research focus. Also, they established a Language Policy, i.e. an agreement on how to make use of the various languages and varieties spoken by ENROPE members.

Of course, the programme also provided keynote lectures. The first, held by Prof. Itesh Sachdev, focused on social and psychological issues in multilingual communication, while the second lecture, held by Prof. Artemis Alexiadou, discussed language choice in multilingual research. In a series of workshops, the participants engaged in reflective activities and enhanced their knowledge and competency in research methodology, anti-bias training, annotated bibliography, and language biography. The week culminated in the participants presenting their results on several tasks to each other and to the members of the ENROPE consortium. Finally, a closing celebration invited members and participants to further connect beyond ISW#1.

Here are some comments from our ISW#1 participants:

"It was easy to discuss even more challenging and sensitive topics."

"The community was exceptionally engaged, so any opportunity to freely exchange ideas was productive and rewarding."

"…the anti-bias workshop proved to be personally very relevant after the event, as it led to deep personal reflection."

"This is exactly the kind of network and support for Ph.D. students that I've been searching for for the past 3 years."

"I appreciate the opportunity to get in touch with other researchers on an international level."

"It was great and it was highly informative."

"I was extremely pleased with the outcome and would love to continue working with both the organizers in Langscape and the other ENROPE participants."