Intensive Study Week #3 took place online between June 28 and July 2, 2021 and was hosted by Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona) and welcomed 30 multilingual participants.

ISW#3 aimed a good balance between expert input and peer collaboration with a variety of training formats, namely keynote presentations, roundtables and workshops in the mornings and daily mentoring sessions in the afternoons. Moreover, ISW#3 had particular highlighting on issues of context-based research by integrating stakeholders, understanding how multilingual policies are developed in different European contexts and finally analysing how research can be taken to the classroom. 

Two external workshops were held during the week. While the Shadow Heroes workshop on day 2 provided an exemplary insight into school practice in dealing with multilingualism, Prof. Byram's contribution on day 5 took up the aspect of specific competences of academics in multilingual contexts. 

In the mentoring sessions during the afternoons all participants worked on a Plurilingual Educational Project (PEP) in their families. The challenge was to include what they had learned and worked on during the morning sessions and benefit from the heterogeneity and experience of each member of the group to design a unique PEP. The PEPs were presented and shared with all families on the last day of ISW#3.

The lSW#3 in Barcelona had some unique features. Being the project’s last ISP, a final online ENROPE celebration took place on Friday afternoon where all participants shared what ENROPE had meant to them.