Online Study Phase #1

ENROPE's first online study phase (OSP#1) took place from Sept. to Nov. 2019. It allowed participants who attended ENROPE's first intensive study week to elaborate on the work that was initiated in Berlin - or to newly join the project and experience the ENROPE community online.

Poster for OSP#1

The e-portfolio tasks provided during OSP#1 touch upon the roles of diversity as well as pluri- and multilingualism in education and beyond. They introduce participants to key functions of ENROPE and the project's website, such as the annotated bibliography, and finally, invite them to reflect on their own research in the context of ENROPE. A key function of all ENROPE events is for early career reasearchers to connect and collaborate; here, too, the tasks provided in the context of ENROPE's (then early version of the) e-portfolio offer opportunities to exchange experiences, give and receive feedback and to start collaborating on projects.

All tasks of OSP#1 are still available via the corresponding group or the all ENROPE tasks-function on this website. You can access the original schedule of OSP#1 here to gain an overview over all available tasks.