ENROPE webinar 'Towards Plurilingual Professional Identities'

Submitted by Inge Heslinga on Mon, 02/22/2021 - 22:29

The ENROPE consortium cordially invites you to participate in the webinar (Multiplier Event) 'Towards Plurilingual Professional Identities' on Tuesday afternoon 16 March 2021. 

This event offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on a range of topics, including the  professional identity development in plurilingual research, networking and collaboration, the need for bibliographic references to publications in languages other than English, language development and education in multilingual contexts, and more. 

Succesful ENROPE Multiplier Event #2 ISTANBUL

Submitted by Regine Schlößer on Wed, 02/17/2021 - 14:54

ENROPE's second Multiplier event was hosted by İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa and was held online on January 29, 2021 with 120 participants who registered in the event. The event aimed to reach to a trans-institutional audience and involved early career researchers, teacher trainers, doctoral supervisors, teachers and policy makers who are engaged in multi/plurilingual research and education.

Succesful ISW#2

Submitted by Inge Heslinga on Tue, 12/01/2020 - 15:03

ISW3_ViebrockWe look back on the Intensive Study Week #2, hosted by the University of Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle, with great satisfaction. We enjoyed the enthusiasm and commitment of all participants and speakers and hope to see everyone again at an ENROPE event in the future. Who knows in Barcelona in 2021? That would be great!

ENROPE Online Study Phase #2: Building a community

Submitted by Regine Schlößer on Fri, 05/15/2020 - 14:26

The online study phase #2 is approaching the end. 64 participants have registered and offered many insightful contributions. For example, there have been fascinating discussions that covered the whole research proces in the area of Multilingualism. The OSP#2 content and functions will continue to be available for the participants 

All participants have received a link to evaluate the online study phase #2, we will soon post a short summary of the outcomes here.